Monday, February 01, 2010

"Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, .. I am called by your name, O Lord"-Jer. 15:16

"...the restoration of biblical preaching has always been the leading factor in any revival of genuine Christianity. That is to say, every great revival in the church has been ushered in by a return to expository preaching.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, preacher of Westminster Chapel London, stated, "The most urgent need in the Christian Church today is true preaching; and as it is the greatest and the most urgent need in the Church, it is the greatest need in the world also." If the doctor's diagnosis is correct, and this writer believes it is, then a return to true preaching--biblical preaching, expository preaching--is the greatest need in this critical hour. If a reformation is to come to the church, it must begin in the pulpit.

In his day, the prophet Amos warned of an approaching famine, a deadly drought that would cover the land. But not an absence of mere food and water, for this scarcity would be far more fatal. It would be a famine of hearing God's Word (Amos 8:11).Surely, the church today finds itself in such similar days of shortage. Tragically, exposition is being replaced with entertainment, doctrine with drama, theology with theatrics, and preaching with performances. What is so desperately needed today is for pastors to return to their highest calling - the divine summons to "preach the word" (2 Tim. 4:1-2). ...

Charles Spurgeon said, "I would rather speak five words out of this book than 50,000 words of the philosophers. If we want revivals, we must revive our reverence for the Word of God. If we want conversions, we must put more of God's Word into our sermons." This remains the crying need of our hour.

May a new generation of strong men step forward and speak up, and may they do so loud and clear. As the pulpit goes so goes the Church." -Steve J. Lawson, From an article in January's Tabletalk Magazine.

I can't see the Body of Christ being revived with a hunger for Christ's Word, and a thirst for His Holy Spirit, really, I see just the opposite to be honest, an even greater disregard for the truth, and Bible.
God can surely do it though. He can overrule my skepticism, and how I would love to see the Church have good preachers in every pulpit all across America. Wouldn't that be something if the truth, the whole truth that is, of God's Holy Writ was being preached with humble love, and bold compassion!
Let it be dear Lord Jesus. Amen.


Anonymous said...
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donsands said...

Whoever you were, don't leave a comment like that, please and thank you.

mommanator said...

O I can't agree more! Revival does start with you and me though! being good stewards and ASKING for truths in our pulpits!

donsands said...

Your so right mommanator.