Friday, March 19, 2010

"A fool despises his father's instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is prudent." Proverbs 15:5

[You can click on these pics, and they will get bigger. Cool, huh.]

Here are some pics of Shepherd & Sons, Inc., my co-owned business, in action: John, Jesse, and Me. (Hey, that makes for a good song title: "John, Jesse, and Me" Maybe not.)

The first photo is of John, co-company owner, and his son, Jesse, who has cancer, and is going through chemo treatments. I was actually surprised to see him come out with his Dad this day to help. He did for no pay. He just wanted to get out, and do something. he does get tired, and very thirsty at times. But it was a joy having Jess around!

I thought this was a good picture of a Dad instructing his son. And so the Scripture verse. Jesse was on the broad and wide for a good while, but now seems to be walking on the narrow path our Lord calls us to. he still needs to understand a lot, but I'm encouraged with his attitude. Attitude, when honest and genuine, says a lot.

The third pic is yours truly (taken by my wife). I am 57 years OLD now, and it's getting more difficult to go up those ladders. I have had a couple falls in my life time as well, but the Lord was merciful.

If you think of praying for Jesse, and John his Dad, it would be genuinely appreciated. We truly believe our Lord hears every prayer, and takes them to heart.
Thanks. And have a blessed Lord's Day!


Craver Vii said...

I was getting ready to say that I'll pray, but decided to pray first, then comment.


donsands said...

Thanks Craver. Jesse is having his breathing checked today. Things are going along better than expected. But it's not over of course.

It is very encouraging to know prayer is being lifted to our Lord, who "cares for us" (1 Peter5:7).