Sunday, May 30, 2010

St. Michael's Maryland, & The Inn @ Perry Cabin

Patti and I were blessed to get away to our favorite place, and here are some photos I took. I actually shot 443 pictures on my little Sony camera. Digital is amazing! I would have had to buy 13 rolls of film to take all these shots. And I also deleted about 50 of the ones that didn't really turn out. I love digital.

I thank our Lord for allowing us to have such a nice time away.

We had a great time out on a boat ride with Captain Don, and Joe,whose a friend. Marvelous sunset out on the water; with an almost full Moon. And we saw a small cruise ship coming to dock in St. Michael's.


Yasmin said...

very lovely and peaceful images :)

donsands said...

Thanks Yasmin. God bless.