Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another wonderful weekend with my number two grandson, Matthew

I had such blessed and pleasant couple days hanging out with Matt, my 7 year old grandson, this past weekend. He slept over Friday night, and on Saturday morning we went to Woodlawn Cemetary, where there is a nice creek turned into a pond from a small dam, where there must be 300-400 geese gather with quite a few young geese as well, along with a good number of Mallard Ducks, and so, we feed them bread, and have some genuine fun.
We stop off at the town's bakery before we get to the pond, which I have been going to for over 50 years now. I get myself a coffee and a Danish, and Matt is granted a free cookie of his choice from the lovely ladies who work there.

We laugh, and run around, and even visit the grave stones. We read the names, and the saying, and verses of Scripture on some of the grave memorial stones. We talk about all sorts of things really. I love to talk with Matt.
Matt is such a wonderful boy. I love him very much. Not that he doesn't need to be disciplined at times. He is all boy. But over all he is a fine lad.

Before we went out, I was sitting and praying a prayer from my Valley of Vision. Matt came over and climbed up in the chair with me, and he read along with me, as I explained the thoughts of the author. What a blessing it was to pray this deep, yet simple, prayer of truth and love with Matt.

Here's a portion of the prayer:

"O God the Holy Spirit, Thou who dost proceed from the Father and the Son,
have mercy on me.
...Fulfil in me the glory of thy divine office;
Be my comforter, light, guide, sanctifier;
Take of the things of Christ and show them to my soul;
Through Thee may I daily learn more of His love,
grace, compassion, faithfulness, beauty;
Lead me to the cross and show me His wounds,....
May I there see my sins as
the nails that transfixed Him,
the cords that bound Him,
the thorns that tore Him,
the sword that pierced Him
Help me to find in His death the reality and immensity of His love."

It was such a joy to share with Matt about our Savior's giving His life for our sins. I also had an sort of bad "English" lesson in explaining the thees and thous, and the old English words to Matt. And that was good I thought, for him to learn. Why not? Some day he'll be reading Shakespeare no doubt. And what a joy to have a simple pleasuable time at the pond and cemetery with Matt.

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