Friday, June 25, 2010

Pray for Joni. She has breast cancer, and shall undergo surgery on Monday.

Joni is one of my heroes of the faith. She is a wonderful witness for our Savior, and such a beautiful Christian woman. I have received three letters from her in response to my writing to her, and how that humbled me to no end. I could say so much more about her, but for now I just want to say please pray for her, and go to our Father's throne of grace in this heaviest time of need.

Here's the link to her website and her message to us about her cancer:


John8com said...

This poor woman. Given her iron-clad faith, Joni certainly wouldn't ask for pity from the likes of me, but I have an extra empathy for a woman who has suffered (though for great glory and for Jesus' sake) as she has. May the glory of God shine through yet another affliction in her life.


donsands said...

Thanks Brad. Good words.