Friday, July 30, 2010

The Inn @ Perry Cabin, St. Michael's Maryland getaway # 23, I think.

My wife, Patti, and I love to get away for a few days to the quaint town on the Eastern Shore evry now and then. We have such a good time, being with friends we have made, enjoying a superb resort, and enjoying a town atmosphere that is quiet and relaxing.

Our Lord has blessed us so much, it's impossible to count them all. I do thank Him for His grace and graciousness, especially, the blessing of having made so many friends at the Inn. And that was, and is Patti's doing.

We visited the Maritime Museum this year, and it was very interesting listening to the fellows who are building a boat. And watching them build it. He said it will take three months.

Here are a few pics:


mommanator said...

Dont ya love watching folk do what they really enjoy? and God has blessed them with the ability!

donsands said...

Yes. It was nice to bump into the boat builder later on as he was leaving with his pup to go home, and be able to chat with him a bit.
He is a volunteer, and "in his other life", he was a doctor, he told me.

Have a blessed eve, and a terrific Lord's day sister.