Friday, August 27, 2010

I thought this was good for pondering. [Being an American and a Christian can be quite awkward and difficult at times: Keeping them seperate that is.]

"Are you saying that the American nation is more Godly than what other nations are?" -Craig, (a visitor to Steve's blog)

"America is more Christian than N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, or Nazi Germany because it has more Christians per capita, and their influence is more pervasive.

Christians are temples of the Holy Spirit. And there's an aggregate holiness when you have more living "temples."

Much of the depravity in American culture is imposed on the culture from the top down, by the power elite (media, judiciary, academia). It's not a direct reflection of the grassroots. Indeed, it's often at odds even with the general culture.

Don't simply judge by appearances. God often flies under the radar."
-Steve Hayes, From Tribalouge.

I must always keep the Cross, and the Gospel pure, and separate from America. And yet I can love being an American, though some Christians baulk at this. I love America because God put me here, and this nation really does have some things about it that are lovely, and good. But, America is not the Church, and so my affection for my nation is different than it is for the Church:-- Christ's elect people, whom He loves and died for. Every nation on Earth is occupied by the Church, the people of God. But America is different. I like what Steve said about it. And so that's why I posted this.

He has a fine blog site, and is always discussing deep things, and controversial things, that help the mind to dig a little deeper, and stretch the heart a bit as well. If you have the time it's worth the visit.

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