Monday, October 11, 2010

A song from Bob Dylan's thrid LP, after he found the saving grace of God, and kicked his herion addiction. "Slow Train Coming"- 1st, "Saved" 2nd .

"Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm
You got your rabbit's foot, you got your good-luck charm
But they can't help you none when there's trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Trouble in the water, trouble in the air
Go all the way to the other side of the world, you'll find trouble there
Revolution even ain't no solution for trouble.

Drought and starvation, packaging of the soul
Persecution, execution, governments out of control
You can see the writing on the wall inviting trouble.

Put your ear to the train tracks, put your ear to the ground
You ever feel like you're never alone even when there's nobody else around ?
Since the beginning of the universe man's been cursed by trouble.

Nightclubs of the broken-hearted, stadiums of the damned
Legislature, perverted nature, doors that are rudely slammed
Look into infinity, all you see is trouble."

[released in 1980]

[released in 1979]

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