Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Mom left her tabernacle, and went home to be with her first love, Christ her Savior and Lord. She is with Jesus, and she no longer has dementia.

Mom with Noah, my grandson, one of her 18 great grand children. I shall miss her. My heart is very heavy. And my heart rejoices in the truth, that Christ saved Mom, and she loved her Savior, and she now sees Him, and he is with her.

"Jesus wept." John 11:35

Bishop JC Ryle says: "Even the Son of God wept.--It shows us that deep feeling is not a thing of which we need be ashamed. To be cold and stoical and unmoved in the sight of sorrow is no sign of grace. There is nothing unworthy of a child of God in tears. Even the Son of God could weep.--It shows us, above all, that the Savior in whom believers trust is a most tender and feeling Savior. He is one who can be touched with sympathy for our infirmities. When we turn to Him in our hour of trouble, and pour out our hearts before Him, He knows what we go through and can pity. And He is one who never changes. ...His heart is still the same that it was upon earth. We have an Advocate with the Father, who, when He was upon earth, could weep."


Craver Vii said...

I am sorry for your loss, Bro. Peace be with you.

donsands said...

Thanks Craver.

I am down today. But I know I will see her again. In fact I'll introduce you to her when we all get to heaven.

"When we all get to Heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all see Jesus,
We’ll sing and shout the victory!

Let us then be true and faithful,
Trusting, serving every day;
Just one glimpse of Him in glory
Will the toils of life repay." - Eli­za E. Hew­itt

Craver Vii said...

I look forward to that ultimate family reunion. Imagine worshiping God together with God's glorified assembly! (I might even sing on key.)

This hour of grief will pass, but right I pray the Lord's comfort for you. May your dear mother be remembered well, my friend.

donsands said...

Thanks Craver. Just got home from the first viewing, and have another one at 7:00.

It's been peaceful, and still sadness.

When we get to glory, there will be love; pure love. No more faith, nor hope, nor sin, but an atmosphere of genuine love.

We have a foretaste now, but then it will be full and wonderful.