Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Come unto Me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."-Jesus of Nazerath

"Mark who they are that Jesus invites. He does not address those who feel themselves righteous and worthy. He addresses "all that labor and are heavy laden."--It is a wide description. It comprises multitudes in this weary world. All who feel a load on their heart, of which they would fain get free, a load of sin or a load of sorrow, a load of anxiety or a load of remorse,--all, whosoever they may be, and whatsoever their past lives--all such are invited to come to Christ.

Mark what a gracious offer Jesus makes. "I will give you rest.--You shall find rest to your souls." How cheering and comfortable are these words! Unrest is one great characteristic of the world. Hurry, vexation, failure, disappointment, stare us in the face on every side. But here is hope. There is an ark of refuge for the weary, as truly as there was for Noah's dove. There is rest in Christ, rest of conscience, and rest of heart, rest built on pardon of all sin, rest flowing from peace with God."
_Bishop John Charles Ryle,

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