Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here are a few more drawings from Joshua Caedmon Shive, my #1 grandson

Josh is also learning to play the piano quite well. I'm quite proud of Josh, and love him very much. Our Lord has truly blessed him with these talents.


Craver Vii said...

He's got a really good grasp of space, perspective, and color. Maybe if my own Josh (12 yrs) sends him some of his writings, your grandson might like to do some of the illustrations. My son's stories are adventure things with a Tolkien flavor to them.

Anyway, you should be real proud of him. The kid has a knack for good illustrations. That's a gift!

donsands said...

Thanks for those kind words Craver. Yep, I am super duper proud of Josh. Our Lord has given him some unique natural abilities. I pray for Josh that our Lord would be pleased with Josh using his gifts to bless others, and to honor his Savior and King.

donsands said...

I will ask Josh about helping your Josh. We'll see what happens.
Grace and peace my friend.

RealityCheck said...

I’ve been suffering from information overload of late so I have cut way back on my internet surfing and therefore am just getting around to saying once again how well your grandson draws. It is really impressive… now the piano as well?!? It makes me feel old but I’m proud of him.

Also, happy birthday to both you and your wife!

donsands said...

Thank you brother. And it's a good thing you are doing. I need to take heed to your example, and cut back myself.
Thanks for the visit.

donsands said...

Nope. Wrong again.