Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"All thru' Your life, I me mine. I-I-me-me mine, I-I-me-me mine, I-I-me-me mine, I-I-me-me mine."

George had an Eastern Philosophy of life, and he expresses it here in this song. Sad that George didn't trust in Christ and His truth. yet, he understood how selfish humans can become.

Here's a word from James I. Packer on this matter:
"The basic trouble in the West is that we have exchanged a God-centered view of life for a man-centered, self-centered, and relativistic view of life, of truth, of wisdom. Christianity immediately gets distorted and pulled out of shape, because we treat ourselves as the central focus of interest in our personal universe, and we think of God simply as there on the edge of our lives, so to speak, to help when we need Him, to supply what we feel we lack. But we don't think in terms of God Himself and God's glory as the goal of everything, and the life of worship as being the true fulfillment of our human nature. All of that has vanished, and instead we talk about satisfaction and peace and joy, understanding all these words in terms of feeling good. And the feel-good version of Christianity falsifies the real thing at just about every point."

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