Monday, July 04, 2011

"It was "the joy set before Him" which made Him [Jesus] endure the Cross, and despise the shame..."-JC Ryle

"Let us carefully remember that our blessed Lord suffered and died of His own free will. He did not die because He could not help it; He did not suffer because He could not escape. All the soldiers of Pilate's army could not have taken Him, if He had not been willing to be taken. They could not have hurt a hair of His head, if He had not given permission. But here, as in all His earthly ministry, Jesus was a willing sufferer. He had set His heart on accomplishing our redemption. He loved us, and gave Himself for us, cheerfully, willingly, gladly, in order to make atonement for our sins."-John Charles Ryle (10 May 1816 - 10 June 1900), Bishop of the Church of England for 38 years.

I thank my Savior daily for laying down His life, (first and foremost for His Father), whom He loved with a holy perfect love: Yet also, Christ died for me.
He gave His life up for such a wretch like me:-- Amazing grace and love, that will never be understood throughout eternity. How can this be? That's always a good question for the Christian, isn't it. Our hearts should be perplexed why Jesus, the Son of God would bother with me. But, I know it's true, and so I give to Jesus my life and soul in faith. And there are moments when my faith is but a small seed, but even this Jesus will accept and bless.

Thank You Lord for taking my sin away, and giving me Your Spirit so I can actually walk in this devil filled world with a heart that actually seeks truth and goodness. Not that I don't sin, and still serve my own fleshly desires, because I do, very often. yet, I am also able to resist sin now, and live a life of faith in Christ, and so bear fruit for His glory and honor. Wow! Thank You Jesus. You are my truest Friend, and yet my Lord and Guide as well. Amen.

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