Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jesus said, "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God." Now Jesus loved [ fiðlov] Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus." John 11:4-5

Carl Heinrich Bloch [1834-1890]

"The chapter we have now begun is one of the most remarkable in the New Testament. For grandeur and simplicity, for pathos and solemnity, nothing was ever written like it. It describes a miracle which is not recorded in the other Gospels,--the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Nowhere shall we find such convincing proofs of our Lord's Divine power. As God, He makes the grave itself yield up its tenants. --Nowhere shall we find such striking illustrations of our Lord's ability to sympathize with His people. As man, He can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities.--Such a miracle well became the end of such a ministry. It was meet and right that the victory of Bethany should closely precede the crucifixion at Calvary."
- Bishop John Charles Ryle


Craver Vii said...

I stagger at the thought that raising Lazarus from the dead is not included in the synoptics. But then, I wonder how much more has not revealed in history and what could have been said from those who walked and talked with Jesus.

That's okay. When I eventually go to be present with the Lord, I will eternally bask in the glory of his continuing presence, and that is much better. Then, I will see him face-to-face. Wow, that's gonna be awesome!

donsands said...

What terrific words you share Craver. thank you bro. You really blessed me.

Josiel Dias said...

Olá meus irmãos, graça e paz.

Estou passando para informar, que gostei demais deste espaço, pois é mais uma oportunidade de aprendizado. Como sempre falo: Aprendendo uns com os outros crescemos na graça e no conhecimento, do nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo.
Gostaria também de divulgar o nosso Blog,
Ficaremos felizes em vossa visita, mais ainda se seguir-nos.

“ Mensagem Edificante para Alma”

Josiel Dias
Conselho Missionário
Rio de Janeiro

donsands said...

Hey Josiel! Gracias for stopping by. I don't speak Espanol mi amigo. Sorry!

Gloria a Senhor Jesus Cristo!!!

I do speak muy mucho Espanol.

Craver Vii said...

(lol) That's Portuguese. Josiel sounds like a nice person who is eager to share his faith.

I have a close brother in the lord who is also from Brazil, but Reformed in his theology. He translated the statement of faith for me from Josiel's web site. It seemed to start well, but I think there are a few red flags.

*God the Father made creation for his son.
*Communion is taken as a full meal.
*Christ conquered the shadowy enemy in three areas, one of which is tradition.

I think there was more, like the suggestion that faith in Christ precedes regeneration. That would be typical Arminian doctrine, but we may have some erroneous christology regarding creation. The full meal for communion may be allowable, but to put it in the statement of faith gives them a distinction that goes against the grain of tradition. And that is where I am also nervous... to paint tradition as an evil is by definition unorthodox.

I do not know if they line up under a Pentecostal, Emergent, or something else. I would be his friend or acquaintance, but I would not let him be my teacher.

donsands said...

Thanks Craver for sharing that. That is funny that I thought it was Spanish.