Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A song from The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Album: 'Hey Bulldog'

"Some kind of solitude,
is measured out in you,

You think you know me,
But you
haven't got a clue."

I'm sort of guessing these words were composed by John Lennon. They certainly reflect his heart, I think. They aren't bad words, are they. John was a deep thinker, that's for sure. And he was, and still is, one of my favorite artist of all time.

Over the years I've learned a bit about John. I have always been a Beatles fan. From the very beginning, when I first saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show. And as they developed in their art, I continued to follow them and buy their record albums, and go see their films. I still enjoy listening to their music. They have a unique style, and they were very talented.
Yet, John was a lost soul. He was a rebel. And some of his 'kicking against the goads' was a good thing to be honest. But he never did really come to see the truth of Christ. And that to me is the saddest thing,-- for any one really. I still like John Lennon, and admire him in many ways. But he never saw sin as evil. And he never saw Christ as the Savior of the world. John had his own truth, and he didn't let anyone tell him anything. It's good to not listen to some people, but we do need to listen to others, don't we. This is where balance must come into our lives, and even our hearts.
We need to think with our minds God has given us, and yet we do need to be able to trust in others. Not everyone, that's for certain. But we can trust in Jesus, without reservation, can't we. To trust in Christ, is to trust in His Word. And there are those whom are genuine shepherds of Christ in this world, and we can trust them as well. Not as we trust in the truth of His Word, or in Christ Himself, but a trust nonetheless.

I wish John Lennon would have done this. But he rejected this truth. And some other wicked man shot 7 bullet holes through John's body and murdered him in New York City. That was a sad today, and still is.

I shall continue to listen to John's music, and think of him. He was quite the artist.

Here's another song by John from 'Rubber Soul' (Quite different, and telling of his earlier life, perhaps):

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