Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did Jesus really think of me above all? A wonderful song, and yet it can be very wrong, or superbly right. Which is it?

♫ Above all ♫ Worship - Lenny LeBlanc - Paul Baloche from joe-topc on Vimeo.

Who did Jesus die for, first and foremost?

His Father, of course. There can be no doubt Christ was giving His Life for His Father had called Him to do just that.

What was the reason,-the main reason,--He died?

Jesus died for the glory of His Father.

Now, how about us sinners, how do we fit in?

Jesus did die for all His sheep, and He loved us before the foundation of the world. I can say without a doubt that Jesus thought of me as He was giving His every drop of precious blood. He though of Abraham, David, Peter, Paul, and all His saints, who without His atoning death would be lost to hell and eternal separation.

So, our Lord thought of His Father "above all". No other thought can enter here. BUT, Jesus thought of us as well.

Now I can enjoy this great hymn, knowing the truth of the Gospel, and knowing that Christ died with His first and foremost thoughts, and the whole of His holy heart set upon His Father's love and glory.

And I can also rejoice in that Jesus died for me, personally. My Savior did not just die as an act of kindness, but He died FOR his children, and those whom He loved, and loves.

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