Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The King said to him, ‘Friend, how did you get in here without a garment?’ He was quiet. The King said, ‘Bind him hand and feet and throw him out."

God is so loving He sent His Son to die for sinners like us, and so cleanse us, and gives us His goodness to ware as a garment, so we are clothed before a holy God and Creator when we die. This clothing is for all who believe in Christ the Lord, who came 2,000 years ago. If we stand naked before God in our sin, then we are going to have to deal with His justice and wrath. And that for all of us is more scary than any other possibility. Way more frightful than any fear this world has to offer. And that is the truth. A truth the devil likes to hide.

"Beware of false teachers", Jesus tells us:-- time and time and time again He warns us fervently.
Look to the truth of His Word, not humans, nor human wisdom, as some espouse. And, also, remember, if you hear from a genuine minister of Christ, then he will tell you the same; to look to His Word. Seek Christ in the Word, for He is the Word. Amen and amen and amen.


Craver Vii said...

Provocative theme. I find myself going to a mental tangent of how God covered Adam's nakedness in the garden, of how inappropriate the "love me as I am" mentality is, because "as I am" = depraved, and how the covering by Christ's own righteousness is not a new concept, but woven even through the Old Testament.

Have a blessed new year, Sandman.

donsands said...

Thanks brother. Your stopping by is an encouragement. And your thoughts always have depth. Thanks Craver.
May this new year bring us, and our families even closer to Jesus, so that He is more of a Friend, more of a Savior, and most of all more of our Lord.