Sunday, January 01, 2012

"Savior of my soul, To Your strength I yield control, Purge me from my stain, Sin will lose its mortal reign, Make me free, By You I'm purified"

This 1st day of 2012, I have dedicated my life over to my Lord, whom I have neglected, and I have walked a life of half-truth in some of my ways. I pray my Savior will help me walk in the truth once again, and bring honor to Him, and also love others with a greater love, and so my light shall shine bright, and not just flicker a little here and little there.
Thank You Lord for being forsaken on the Cross as my sin, and the sin of the world, was placed upon You, and You bore indescribable pain as Your Father turned his eyes away, and poured out His wrath upon You, so that i could be set free, and made righteous in Christ's blood. Amen

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