Monday, January 23, 2012

"Walked out this morning,Don't believe what I saw,A hundred billion bottles, Washed up on the shore, Seems I'm not alone at being alone."-Sting

I was thinking that for 3 musicians, these three guys have a big sound. Very talented artists, and Band. I like how Sting puts his heart out there for us to see in his songs. I enjoy the music as well.

And this song in particular has me praying for Sting. He surely has no needs for his physical well being, but how about his soul? Does he in fact understand who Christ is, and who he, himself, is. Does he understand he needs to believe in the Cross of Jesus for forgiveness of all his sin.
And that there is no other way to happiness after we die, and even true happiness in this life is fleeting, if we know not our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Man, who is also God incarnate.

Thank You Lord for saving me. For I was lost in the darkness of this world, full of sin and self-love. I loved pleasure beyond all else, and You came to me and quickened me from my dead heart, and Your mercy brought me to Yourself.
Praise You and Thank You Father, for giving Your Son to redeem me. Amen.


Craver Vii said...

I like your musical tastes, Sandman. I think the same way. By multiple standards, The Police have a very good sound.

Funny thing about seeking pleasure. It usually happens best when we are not seeking after it, but eludes us when it is the prime objective. What a great satisfaction we have who are in Christ!

donsands said...

Thank you brother. Craver you have such wisdom. I appreciate our Savior sending you into my life, and my walk with Him;-- and so He has us walking together in his Spirit and truth. Makes us stronger for His purposes.

Thank You Lord for this dear brother and friend. Bless him and his wonderful family i pray. Amen.