Friday, January 11, 2013

"You can petition the Lord with prayer; pettion the Lord with prayer; petition the Lord with prayer: --You CANNOT petition the Lord with prayer"-Jim Morrison

I watched the last few moments of the movie: "The Doors" the other night. I truly loved to, and still do, listen to 'The Doors'. Morrison was very different and unique in writing his songs:-Both the lyrics and the music. I found in his music something to relate to and think about. Even now I like to examine his lyrics knowing about the sad life he had. He was in such chains, and yet he had all the things in this world that people long for. Such a sad end for this artist. To die when you are 27 is bad enough, especially the way he died, but then to die without Christ is his Lord and Savior. There is nothing more painful then to die and wake up in hell. And I deserve hell way more than Jim Morrison did, that's for sure. And yet God's mercy found me. I don't know why, but I am His now, and I am so very grateful I am.

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