Thursday, November 14, 2013

"I shouted out, who killed the Kennedy's, Well, after all it was you and me."


You know, there are Christians I know who get the "heebee geebees" when they listen to this terrific song from Mick Jagger and the Stones. Mick, surely still needs the Lord Jesus' mercy, and must repent and trust in Him, and I pray he will come to Christ. 
But doesn't this song say a lot more for us to think about than so much of our modern day Christian music on the airwaves we listen to nowadays? I admit there are different styles of music for different ears, and I like Classic R&R music, but even still, can't the Church be full of confidence and gentleness to approach any artist's work, and representable art.

I pray the Church will grow more and more spiritually mature, and be able to comment on art like this particular song before us, and not be afraid of it; and hate it; and outright scream condemnation at it right off. 

And if so, then we will be able to confront the world with the true Gospel of love and grace.And so our Lord's truth will touch hearts of sinners like us, and the kingdom will grow for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father.

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