Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Spends his life denying that, He's got no time for flying, In the breeze"

"You know it makes me feel so fine,
And puts my mind at ease,
To know that I don't harm a soul,
In doing what I please"

You know this verse can be true, and yet it may also be a cop out, for selfish reasons.
The song as a whole is trying to make a point, and I some how just can't snag it with my mind. But I still love this song, which is from their debut LP. The Eagles really could put music together in a way that I really liked, and enjoyed, and still do. I owened all their Albums, except their greatest hits, which I didn't need really, and didn't particualr like "the best of" LP's back then.


Craver Vii said...

That's a different sound than what I'm used to, but their harmonies have always been top notch. I always know that I can listen to their vocals with a discriminating ear, and never be disappointed.

donsands said...

I agree Craver. Nice to have you stop by my friend and brother.