Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Jesus did not die because He could not avoid death, ...He was willing with all His heart to make His soul an offering for sin." JC Ryle

"Forever let us rest our hearts on this most comfortable thought. We have a most willing and loving Savior. It was His delight to do His Father's will, and to make a way for lost and guilty man to draw near to God in peace. He loved the work He had taken in hand, and the poor sinful world which He came to save. Never, then, let us give way to the unworthy thought that our Savior does not love to see sinners coming to Him, and does not rejoice to save them. He who was a most willing Sacrifice on the Cross is also a most willing Savior at the right hand of God. He is just as willing to receive sinners who come to Him now for peace, as He was to die for sinners, when He held back His power and willingly suffered on Calvary." -John Charles Ryle


Maalie said...

I admit I don't know the works of John Ryle, but in a free world anybody can say anything about anything. I wonder how he knows what he asserts is reality and not (as a very large number of scholars would agree) simply mythology.

donsands said...

First of all, I would have loved to have been able to speak with this incredible man.

How he knows, is because he asserts this about the Bible:

"The book before us contains not the word of men, but of God. Every verse in it is written by inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Let us thank God daily for giving us the Scriptures. The poorest Englishman who understands his Bible, knows more about religion than the wisest philosophers of Greece and Rome."

He also says:

"I have always held that truth is most likely to be reached, when men on all sides conceal nothing, but tell out all their minds. Right or wrong, I have endeavored to tell out my own mind."

He also "looked at the views of the following writers":--Chrysostom, Augustine, Theophlact, Euthymius, Calvin, Brentius, Bucer, Musulus, Gualter, Beza, Bullinger, Pellican, Calovius, Cocceius, Baxter, Poole, Hammond, Lightfoot, Hall, Du Veil, Whitby, Piscator, Paraeuse, Ferua, Jansenius, Leigh, Ness, Mayer, Trapp, Henry, Gill, Doddridge, Burkitt, Quesnel, Bengel, Scott, A. Clarke, Pearce, Adams, Watson, Olshausen, Alford, Barnes, Srier."

"I can say, I have spent hours, days, and weeks exaiming the opinions of these writers, and that when I differ from them, it is not because I do not know their views."

I write all this to say, that JC Ryle was a serious man, and took his calling, or vocation, to the deepest part of himself.

Thanks for visiting Maalie. I appreciate that.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! That is, if you have Thanksgiving in Britain.