Sunday, November 14, 2010

"...welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." -Paul

" "To the glory of God" means that God might be glorified by his good work. And this indeed is a wonderful glorification of God, that He is glorified when we receive the sinners and the weak. For it is to His glory that He deals with us as a Benefactor. Therefore this serves His glory, that is to say, it becomes an occasion to Him to manifest His friendliness, when we bring people to Him who are to receive a blessing (from Him). Therefore we should not bring (to Him) those who are strong, holy and wise (proud and work-righteous unbelievers). In them He cannot glorify Himself, because He can impart to them no (spiritual) blessing, since they (as they think) are not in need of them." -Martin Luther

There's such a difficult line to walk when it comes to embracing others in the Church. For the most part, we simply need to be loving and entreat others to come and worship Christ, and walk with one another in light of God's grace, and have fellowship.

But there are occasions when we need to discern those who do not know Christ, and are roaming within the Church as disruptors and those who will bring schisms.

Yet, when believers come together, and we receive one another, even when we may have some disagreements in non-essential matters, God truly is pleased, and His grace is glorified in us.

And when we expose false sheep, who are clearly unbelievers, then this too will please our Lord, and glorify Him.

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