Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"I did not make it, no, it is making me." "Love rejoices in the truth."


Craver Vii said...

There is so much to like here!!! The hammered dulcimer, the acoustix mix, the simplicity of the arrangment with both playing instruments as well as vocals, even the unpretentious set! But there are two things that I like even better than to see and hear him banging on the dulcimer (way cool!)...

His voice! He is not doing that whispy feminine stuff that I hear a lot nowadays. No, he sounds like the kind of boy who plays outside and skins his elbows and knees. It is masculine and it is raw. That's so cool.

But better than that, is that he brought contemporaries back to the creed. It is an excellent statement of faith. I did not make it; not it is making me. That deserves a hearty harumph!

donsands said...

Thanks for the rich words for Rich Craver. He was a brother who lived from his heart, and he wasn't without his sins and faults, but at least he didn't simply conform to the CCM mode, that everyone seems to conform to nowadays.

There are a few artists who live from the heart, and share their talents with a genuine faith and love for Christ.

Thanks for stopping by my friend and brother.
Have a terrific Good Friday and Resurrection Day.