Sunday, May 08, 2011

Those who worship God must worship Him in truth. And they must worship Him in the Spirit.

“Because the resurrection is a fact of history, it is not a private value but a public truth. The clash here is that most people in the Western society think that religion is a matter of private value, while scientific findings are those of public truth. Modernity says freedom (of speech, of religion, and so forth) is the way to truth. Jesus says the opposite: He is the truth that sets people free. ….When the church tells the story about Christ being raised from the dead, we announce it as a public factual truth while the culture around us subjects it to the realm of private value and belief. ...

The story of Jesus standing up in life after being dead in a tomb is a true fact and in fact true.”
- Shane Lems, From his article in Modern Reformation Magazine

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