Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"You promised to lead us to Your throne, And we will worship you alone."

Jesus is King of kings. And He is being worshipped by multitudes of angels as I write this. And one day I will be in the midst of the splendor and majesty. As vile as I am right now, with all my filthy sin, I am as forgiven as I will ever be. Nothing, no sin, can over-power the precious blood of Christ, which He shed for me, and for my sins, everyone of the 100,000's of sins I have sinned. I hate my sin. I hate that I love some of my sin. And this is the truth. I am a great sinner, but, I have a great, great, great, and awesome Savior! Bless His name forever.

Thank You Lord for saving me, and keeping me. I am so very unworthy of Your forgiveness and mercy. Yet, You loved me. I love You Lord, because You first loved me. Thank You and Praise You. Amen.

I saw this band a few years ago at Creation. They were quite vibrant in the faith it seemed to me. They are from South Africa.

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