Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elvis Aaron Presley a (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977)

In honor of Elvis, whom I liked, (and even admired), quite a bit.
Elvis was an incredibly talented-uniqueness of a man, wasn't he (if that's even a word). And he has a story that is full of good and bad; happy and deep sorrow and depression. I was able to see him in concert in 1974 here in Maryland, at Cole Field House @ College Park, University of Maryland campus.
I'm hoping Elvis is with our Lord. I'm thinking he is, and that he was a believer in Christ in truth; and yet this world and all it had to offer him, pulled him and may him walk a crooked road to glory. He reminds me of Solomon; and any of us really could lose our way in this world full of devils, if we're honest. But, by the grace of God, hopefully I will be able to walk in the light more and more as I seek my Lord and His Spirit to fill me, and help me trust and obey my Father's will, which is the truest of all foods in the universe.


Michael Shive said...

How was he at Cole Field House? He was probably into or heading towards his embarrassing stage at that point. Thanks for sharing - he was definitely one of a kind.

donsands said...

He wasn't looking too bad at this time, 1974. He put on a really good show. I think you're right that he was at this time heading toward his losing control.

Nice to have you visit.