Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I like the Secular tune, but the Christian tune makes me ill.

I really like Phil Collins, and this song is well done. Just a nice tune, where the words fit in a relationship sort of way.

I can stand this tune though. Even though the Church seems to love it. It makes Jesus a boyfriend, doesn't it?


Craver Vii said...

Did you mean to say that you "can't" stand it? If so, I certainly wouldn't fault you for that.

Oddly enough, I take another perspective. It makes a big difference to me that she is a new, young artist. And in that context, the song makes me feel good. It triggers endorphins in my head the same way that Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street does. I suppose that when it comes to Christian contemporary music, I've learned to set the theological expectations very low. She's a young kid, and as her personal expression of love for the Lord, it does not bother me. If someone tried to plug this song into a corporate worship service, and we'd have an entirely different situation.

I hope that as she grows in the area of loving the Lord God with all her mind, that she learns to move past the "Jesus is my boyfriend" type of lyric.

By the way, Gerry Rafferty died this year; did you know that? :-(

donsands said...

"...I've learned to set the theological expectations very low."

Good heart to have my friend. I shall pray our Lord gives me such a heart. I need that. Thanks for sharing your very good thoughts Craver my brother.

Did not know about Rafferty. Sad. Loved his music. Wasn't a big fan, but liked him.

I shall play some of his tunes on facebook to remember him.

Hope he is with our Savior.