Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Let love be without dissimulation."-Paul, from his Epistle to the Romans chp. 12 ver. 9

[Luther as an Augustinian monk]

"This is a very necessary and significant addition; for as nothing should be so altogether free from hypocrisy as love, so nothing is actually more defiled by it than is love. .....There is a twofold hypocritical love. One shows itself and glitters outwardly, while there is hatred in the heart. The other does not hide the fact that it is evil (hypocritical), nor does it show that really it is hatred. Between these (two kinds) there is the hypocrisy of those who speak and do neither what is good nor what is evil."-Martin Luther

I have to deal with my hypocrisy daily. Even when I was in the flesh without Christ, I had a nudge of guilt from my two-faces. But now, with His Spirit in me, I simply feel the weigh of conviction, and by His wonderful grace I am able to break free of by two desires, and my love for Jesus, and my love for others is able to shine through. This love is genuine, and yet it is 100% a grace gift from our Savior, who reigns from on high. And it is a fruit produced through me, by the watering of the Word, and tender care of our Lord through His beloved saints.

And to God be all the glory. Amen.

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