Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"..the young men [left] their music. The joy of our hearts has ceased; our dancing has been turned to mourning" Lam. 5:14

"Now they lay his body down
Sad old men who run this town
I still recall the way
He led the charge and saved the day
Blue blood and rain
I can hear the bugle playin'

We seen the last of Good King Richard
Ring out the past his name lives on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to Good King John

While he plundered far and wide
All his starving children cried
And though we sung his fame
We all went hungry just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line"-Donald Fagan

Music is a gift from God to bring joy. And music at the same time can cause dishonor to the Lord, but it doesn't have to, even if the songs are not directly written as hymns and spiritual songs. I must say that the hymns of the Church are the best music. And yet, I like all kinds of music. Music is a blessing from our Lord. And we need to be free to enjoy our Savior's blessings, don't we.

So we have here a very interesting song fropm the pen and keyboard of Donald Fagan evidently about King Richard the Lion-hearted, and King John.
The music and blend of notes is excellent, and almost jazzy/rock. I have always enjoyed Steely Dan's music, and even though Fagan would write a bit too deep, it's still fun to listen and think about what he could mean.

I thank our Lord for good music. I pray for these band members, the ones still living, that they would come to Christ, if they never have. And perhaps even use their giftedness for some CCM; not that they have to of course.

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