Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The church is no longer pursuing its authentic mission, generally speaking, and ministers are supposed to ring the bell when that happens."

"It is time for judgment to begin in God's house and God's invitation to peace and forgiveness to be extended to the world. As it is, the order is reversed. . . . We must put our own houses in order, so that the offense is in the message and not in the messengers."

"The glory has left the church because the Gospel has left the church-or has been dismissed. It is not because God has been "ejected" from the public schools, but because His name, His kingdom, His power, and His glory have been replaced with our own agendas, priorities, goals, and self-glorifying interests in the church."-Michael Horton

Looks like a good book that may hit on some of the problems with our super-duper shallow Christianity here in the good old U.S.of A. I have been listening, (off and on)-to my local Christian radio station, WRBS 95.1 Shine, having a fund raiser, and the way they ask for money is sick, really it truly is. I guess it's okay to ask the listeners to help support their station, and so go and ask, but don't use so much manipulation, and then say it was God.
The Gospel is not ever, never, mentioned. But God is. Love is. Niceness is. But nothing about hell and God's condemnation and how sinners need to repent. Never anything about God's wrath. Sad. very sad indeed.
I am fine with telling others about our Lord's love, but why did Jesus give His life on that first Good Friday? What is the "whole" truth of Scripture. Not just a bunch of nice words. That's no different than Mormonism, or any other moralistic religion.
Sad, very sad the way the Church is speaking the "gospel" in our day. It's not the true Gospel, is it.

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Paul G said...

Yes, that's alarming!