Thursday, June 21, 2012

The work of the Church of Christ in Spirit and truth.

Bob Hitchings was here in the USA, and stopped by my friend Dave Shive's, and we had quite an eye opening night of hearing from his Gospel work in Croatia.
Now Dave and his son Mike, who is a video-topographer, are headed over there to see Bob, and also take Joshua, Mike's son,:- and my grandson, BTW.

If you would like to throw a few bucks their way to support their work of the Gospel, here's where to send a check:

Christ Fellowship Church
2903 Beechwood Lane
Fallston, MD 21047

Just make sure to include “For Mike Shive Eastern Europe Trip” or “For Joshua Shive Eastern
Europe Trip” in the memo line.
Beyond that please pray for Bob and Nancy Hichings.

Thank you!

Lord bless us all so that we can do good works in this dark age for Your glory and for Your pleasure. Amen.

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