Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I could say everything's alright, but that would be lying, Because I can't stop loving you."

I was able to see Phil Collins in concert in 1985, just about the time my Lord got hold of me, and changed my very dark heart, and open the eyes of my heart to His truth. It was a fantastic concert, and he is one of the exceptional artists I like today.
he does need the truth to set him free however, and so I pray for Phil to come to Christ.

I wonder, - the love I have for Jesus Christ my Savior,- is it like the love in this song?
Not that Jesus will ever leave me, but when I do feel tremendous pressure and heavy pain in my life and deep in my soul, does my heart still love my Savior? I think it does, and I have continued to love my Lord, and I "can't stop loving" Him.

And yet this love, as real and genuine as it is, is only, and completely, BECAUSE He loved me first.

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