Monday, September 17, 2012

Why don't you look into Jesus:-He's got the answer. Amen.

Larry seemed to be quite the "rogue" and wild-man, but he sure brought out the truth of the Gospel in a unique way. Look forward to seeing Larry in glory.


Craver Vii said...

Hey, did I tell you that my wife at lunch with Larry Norman once. It was at the Christian Artists' Music Seminar in Colorado. Early 90's. The musicians mingled with the regular folk. She thought it was a lady sitting alone at a table and asked if "she" wanted to share the table. Larry turned and said sure... and then my wife realized who it was.

At the same seminar, Sheila Walsh played with the African Children's Choir, and one of the highlights from my wife's experiences was Wayne Watson's performance as he graciously (and humorously) responded to technical difficulties.

donsands said...

Wonderful blessings for your wife. I love all those singers and artists.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing that Craver.