Monday, January 25, 2010

"I'm in love with You, You're the one, You're the one, So tell me can you see what you mean to me"

Am I wrong or does this song sound like a simple love song? Maybe I'm being too critical, but this kind of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) leaves me flat. It just says nothing really, other than Gos is in love with me, and I am in love with him. I know I have my own hangups for some bad music, but I must say, the overall CCM coming out on the Christian radio stations that I hear are simply "cookie-cutter" songs. There's need for greater diversity and depth methinks.
But hey, maybe I'm to judgmental, that what I hear from others at times.

I guess the new CCM is simply pop-culture music to God, which is what the pop-Christian culture likes and wants, and is really harmless, and I need to just let it be.

Here are the lyrics (shallow and too mushy IMHO):

"Time falls off the face of the earth
Every moment feels just like the first time, you
You found me
And the heavy things that were holding me down
You carried away and I seem to be weightless now
I'm weightless now

There's nothing left to say
Nothing left to do
Nothing left to prove
I'm in love with You
You're the one
You're the one
So tell me can you see what you mean to me
That you'll never leave
I'm a fool for you
You're the one
You're the one

The world sure had me trapped under ice
Yeah I once was numb
But now I'm so alive
I'm so alive
Now I don't wanna take
One more breath
Without you here
To share it with
It's becoming clear
I cant live without you
Oh no"

It just is not a song I would want to sing, especially to our Lord Jesus Christ. At least not for me. It's to "lovey dovey".

Not that there isn't room for simple songs about love:


Joe said...

I hadn't heard of these guys before. I kind of like that tune. I'll check out more of their stuff.

Still, it's tough to hold a candle up to the Beatles.

donsands said...

Thanks for the input Joe. I appreciate it.

Craver Vii said...

I couldn't finish it. It's hard to imagine those lyrics as a Psalm.

I turned one song down recently that a person wanted to sing at church as worship. I explained that not just theologians, but men in general do not like the "Jesus is my boyfriend" genre. They did not like it, but I think they understand better now.

donsands said...

"Jesus is my boyfriend"

There are a lot of songs with lyrics which make me think like that. I guess it's the culture/postmodern/dumbed-down church in our day. I hope it makes a come back.