Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ron Paul? Who is this Congressman?

I have been learning a little about this man, who ran for president. Seems the conservative media doesn't like him, as much as the liberal media does. Hannity does not seem to want to talk with Ron, but Rachel Maddow does.

Who is this masked man? (Not the one in the photo). I mean Ron Paul.
Well, he's not really masked, however I sure don't know a whole lot about him, but what I have been learning, I like a lot.

I shall endeavor to find out more, and try to understand better, where Congressman Paul is coming from.

(Couldn't we use a man like the Lone Ranger down in Washington DC? He would kill all the real bad guys, and throw all the sort of bad guys in the hoosegow, with the help of Tonto of course.)


Anonymous said...

This year was a first for me...I had a political sign on my front was for Ron Paul. I voted for him in the primaries...and would have voted for him again if I had the chance....

donsands said...

Thanks for sharing that Chris.

I'm beginning to like him. He was so avoided by the media, that we didn't learn a whole lot about him, except he was against the military, which he genuinely isn't.

I like how he has an easy going attitude, and yet is firm , and at time passionate, about the right things: Smaller gov., less taxes (way less!), and bring our troops home, and be a sovereign nation once again.