Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Though Jesus had done so many signs before them, they still did not believe, so that the word spoken by the prophet might be fulfilled" John 12:37

"We err greatly if we suppose that seeing wonderful things will ever convert souls. Thousands live and die in this delusion. They fancy if they saw some miraculous sight, or witnessed some supernatural exercise of Divine grace, they would lay aside their doubts, and at once become decided Christians. It is a total mistake. Nothing short of a new heart and a new nature implanted in us by the Holy Ghost, will ever make us real disciples of Christ. Without this, a miracle might raise within us a little temporary excitement; but, the novelty once gone, we should find ourselves just as cold and unbelieving as the Jews.

The prevalence of unbelief and indifference in the present day ought not to surprise us. It is just one of the evidences of that mighty foundation-doctrine, the total corruption and fall of man. How feebly we grasp and realize that doctrine is proved by our surprise at human incredulity. We only half believe the heart's deceitfulness. Let us read our Bibles more attentively, and search their contents more carefully. Even when Christ wrought miracles and preached sermons, there were numbers of His hearers who remained utterly unmoved. What right have we to wonder if the hearers of modern sermons in countless instances remain unbelieving? "The disciple is not greater than his Master." If then the hearers of Christ did not believe, how much more should we expect to find unbelief among the hearers of His ministers! Let the truth be spoken and confessed. Man's obstinate unbelief is one among many indirect proofs that the Bible is true." -John Charles Ryle

These inspired words from the Apostle John in the 12th chapter come directly after Jesus was telling the Jews how the Son of Man will soon be lifted up, which meant that He will be killed by crucifixion, and that the ruler of this world will be crushed, and the world will be judged. The Father spoke from heaven at this time as well, as it was a short time before our Savior would be spit upon, tortured, and killed for the sins of the world.


Craver Vii said...

It's holy week, and I am so wiped out. My wife and I were working at church last night until midnight. I am so glad we don't have to work on Friday. I really need to get my mind and heart on track.

donsands said...

Happy holy week to you and your beloved, and a blessed Good Friday, and happy Easter Craver!